Bauformat Kitchen Worksurfaces

A crucial element at the heart of any successful kitchen design is the hardworking kitchen worktop. Whilst so much thought goes into choosing kitchen cabinetry and door fronts, you should never overlook the impact that your kitchen worktop will have, strongly influencing both the look and functionality of any kitchen setting. Sharing a horizontal plane with your flooring, the worktop is highly visible, and therefore it must complement the rest of your chosen kitchen décor as a firm expression of your taste and lifestyle. Of course, it must be fit for purpose too, suitable for everyday kitchen use whilst proving durable and long-lasting. 

Personal Kitchen Worktop Choices

Just as some people prefer smooth and modern kitchen doors in gloss, others matt, and with options for a plain or wood finish, personal design elements on the worktop are just as important. With a true appreciation for kitchen worktops and their key role in the kitchen environment, Bauformat has a wide range of worktop materials, profiles, and sizes for you to choose from, ensuring you can find the perfect style for you. 

Choose Your Ideal Kitchen Worktop Thickness

With Bauformat you can choose between a slimline worktop look with a profile thickness of 12 or 25mm. This is ideal for a sleek and modern kitchen look. Alternatively, Bauformat offers a thicker 39mm worktop profile, which is a more favourable choice for a traditional kitchen style such as those with in-frame or shaker kitchen door fronts. 

The height of your worktop will vary depending on the thickness of the surface material, the type of kitchen cabinet, and the overall kitchen style you select. Your kitchen designer can also factor your optimal working height into your kitchen design by combining the plinth and base unit height- to give you your ideal working height – and then making a small adjustment through the choice of worktop thickness.

Breakfast Bars and Countertops

Make a statement in your kitchen with a stylish and welcoming breakfast bar or countertop in a material thickness of 90 mm. Accent statements, in worktop materials such as wood or stone effect, make an eye-catching statement as well as proving convenient and multifunctional throughout everyday kitchen use. Layering contrasting worktop materials is also a simple but effective technique for bringing a sophisticated look, whilst also defining separate areas of the kitchen for different uses.  

Postformed edging in all worktop Solutions

Postformed kitchen worktops are engineered from laminate when a curved edge is created on the front side of the chipboard, before the laminate is adhered.  The laminate sheet is called post-formed when it is attached after the edge has been shaped. After the laminate sheet, worktop, and edge are heated, glue is then applied and the worktop is automatically passed into a machine where the laminate is attached, wrapping around the curved front edge. The laminate will typically wrap partially underneath the chipboard baseboard by a matter of a few millimetres to a centimetre beyond the point where the curve in chipboard ends.  

This sealing ensures a worktop finish which is seamless, hardwearing and resistant to high impact, as well as the ingress of moisture.  It is also modern in look with sharply defined edges, in contrast to the more traditional rounded worktop edging option. Ultimately this design style is a matter of detail and personal choice. If you prefer clean-looking lines and straight, angular contours, choose straight edges. Alternatively, if you prefer softer lines – and which is often a better choice for families with young heads at worktop height- then you many favour kitchen worktops with rounded corners. 

PP edge (1.5 mm thick) in all worktop decors

Your kitchen’s design and layout is as individual as the demands and expectations you have on it. For the worktop to suit any configuration, worktops with a waterproof-bonded decorative edge, a PP edge of 1.5mm thickness, allows maximum planning flexibility. This introduces a further design feature to your kitchen. You can also reflect other design elements in your kitchen with an edge finish in statement stainless steel or brass. 

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