Wood Kitchens by Bauformat

 Bauformat are expert in the creation of innovative and stylish wood kitchens, offering a wide range of wood kitchen options to meet popular demand. In a variety of tones, textures and grains, we can help you choose the right wood kitchen finish for your home, whether for a period property or a contemporary kitchen extension. We know which grains are more expressive, which tones will be dominant, and which will give the kitchen a soft, subtle look. We can also advise on which wood kitchen door styles work well with other types of furniture, material and colours in the home, achieving a beautiful and cohesive kitchen aesthetic. 

Wood Kitchen Veneers 

Wood kitchen veneers bring a sense of the outdoors into your home, creating an atmosphere which is warm and relaxed, and therefore perfect for a busy kitchen setting. As a naturally sustainable material, wood veneers are also one of the most environmentally friendly kitchen choices.   

During manufacture, natural wood is skilfully and carefully applied as a veneer to a certified wood-based substrate, which greatly increases the strength of the door. From here, a premium, protective varnish makes the veneer less sensitive to moisture, so it won’t swell or crack. It also protects against dirt and scratches.  

Aesthetic Appeal of Wood Kitchen Veneers:

With their natural beauty and elegance, wood veneer fronts make an excellent standalone choice, but are also an ideal complement for other furnishing colours and styles. Whether in a traditional country house or contemporary setting the lively radiance of wood with its richly textured grain pattern underlines every design concept in a convincing way. What’s more, as an authentic kitchen material, a wood veneer colour can change over the course of many years or decades, adding to its beauty as a sign of its true character and expressiveness.  

Whilst the cost of real wood kitchen doors is somewhat higher than other options, wood veneer fronts add value to a property with their stable, lasting appeal.  Alternatively, if you want the look of real wood but require a more cost-effective solution, we also have many high-quality wood effect doors to choose from.

Bauformat’s wood kitchen veneers are available in the following construction format programs: Como.

TreeTime Real Wood Kitchen Veneers

New to Bauformat’s collections is our sustainable ‘TreeTime range, a stunning choice of 6 luxury real wood kitchen veneers, which inspire with an authentic character and independent profile. Offering an ‘uber rustic’ look, these contemporary wood kitchen doors exude real wood characteristics including knots, cracks and a richly textured wood grain pattern. Featuring elements that have been hand-produced, no two doors in this range are ever the same, ensuring you can achieve a completely one-off look for your kitchen.

As well as unique, each door within this range is characterised by a thicker than usual veneer, making for a durable, lasting finish.  This is further enhanced with a subtle protective varnish seal which protects the natural beauty of the wood from moisture, dirt and abrasion. Since they are sustainable, durable and hard-wearing, the acquisition costs for these fronts pay off after just a few years. 


A Masterfully crafted Kitchen Look

Bauformat’s Treetime kitchen collection is available in a choice of 6 striking finishes, Black Oak, Dark Oak, Smoke, New Oak, Beach Wood and Carbon. Each door is available in a choice of horizontal or vertical wood grain, depending on the aesthetic you would like to achieve. Or you can even choose a distinctive sandblasted finish for a particularly expressive look with more pronounced wood grain. 

Aesthetic appeal of Treetime Real Wood Kitchens 

Real wood remains a classic among the materials employed in kitchen and furniture construction, a natural material which appeals for its warmth, style and practicality. Bringing the beauty of the outdoors into your home, TreeTime thick veneer kitchen door fronts are an especially good choice for open plan spaces where the kitchen and living room become one. Surprisingly adaptable, the TreeTime kitchen door fronts show their best side in combination with other materials and in all furnishing styles. Country style? Of course! Modern kitchens? But yes! TreeTime enhances every kitchen, elevating the look and feel in a timeless lasting design.  

TreeTime is available in the following construction format programs: Cambridge, Cambridge S. 


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