Feel Good with A Vibrant Kitchen

A great way to give your space personality and instant impact, vibrant kitchens offer a wealth of opportunity for design. With the kitchen being the hub of the home and a place where family and friends come together, choosing a standout colour for your kitchen furniture is the perfect way to make everyone feel welcome. Colour is also a wonderful way of influencing how we feel, lifting our mood and making every mealtime enjoyable, as well as memorable too. 

Bauformat Vibrant kitchens

Whilst it may be tempting to stick with a neutral palette or to go down the natural woodgrain route, vibrant kitchens allow you to be really creative and personal when it comes to your new kitchen design. Maybe you’re a fan of sea and sky tones such as teal, turquoise or navy blue or perhaps you prefer the bold impact of a fiery red or dusky pink. Maybe sunshine yellow is more your thing or a leafy green that brings a sense of the outside, in? Bauformat has all these colours to offer, and more, with a palette that can bring fun and energy to any space, no matter the shape, size or layout too. 

Vibrant Kitchen Colour Pairings

Where once it was all about keeping it simple with white kitchen units, today the key trends are for introducing creativity, passion and flair to this busy, hardworking hub of the home and many homeowners are now confident in choosing a vibrant colour palette for their kitchen. If you want to stick with a single bold colour for your cabinets, consider balancing this with neutral or wooden worksurfaces and flooring; this will prevent the colour block from overpowering the space. 

Another trick is to add some glass-fronted units to break up to colour, or else if it’s really bold, you can tone it down with simple and understated wall tiles and splashback. You can also consider mix and matching with one colour for the base and wall units and a contrasting or complementing tone for a kitchen island or separate run of units. Finally bringing in accent colours with metallic finishes for the handles, lighting, light switches and sockets is highly effective with bold kitchen colour palettes; such as brushed brass which looks effortlessly stunning paired with navy kitchen cabinets. 

Vibrant Kitchen Doors Paired With Wood 

Another idea is to pair vibrant kitchen doors with wood as the timber brings a calming, organic feel in combination with bolder laminate or lacquered colours in a gloss or matt finish. Ceramic kitchen fronts in a stone effect can also be used to add texture and look great with moss green coloured furniture. Other colour combinations that work well include burnt orange with matt black, rose and dusky pink, sunshine yellow and white, sage and natural wood and navy with metallic brass. 

Vibrant Kitchen Accent Tones

Splashbacks and tiles are also a great way to create a vibrant kitchen look. Cabinets can be teamed with contrasting or complementing wall tiles and glass splashback, which will enhance the overall design but even better, will also protect walls from splashes and spills from the cooker and sink. You could also pick up the colour from your furniture and use this as an accent tone with patterned tiles or a decorative bespoke splashback panel. Perhaps paint a feature wall – choosing a specialist, wipeable kitchen paint will ensure it’s easy to clean – while wallpaper is being increasingly used in open-plan kitchen-diners.

Colourful Kitchen Accessories

For something that can be swapped more easily when you fancy a change, add colour with small appliances – kettle, toaster, coffee machine, stand mixer and so on – as well as accessories such as ceramics, glassware, crockery, potted plants, utensils and textiles with tea towels and oven gloves in a bold print.

The benefits of Vibrant Kitchens 

There are many reasons for choosing a colourful kitchen:- 

  • Vibrant kitchens help to energise the space, bringing a sense of fun and personality into this hub of the home. 
  • Coloured kitchen cabinets are great for families, especially those with young children. This helps make the kitchen into a fun place where they can help with cooking, laying the table, sitting to do their homework, or relaxing with friends. 
  • Bold coloured kitchen units are ideal for cold or north-facing rooms, helping to warm up the kitchen and make it feel more inviting. 
    It’s easy to complement or contrast a colourful kitchen with natural textures and tones for dining furniture, storage and flooring. 
  • Using small appliances and accessories on the worksurface will pick up on the main colour theme and can be easily changed for something different when you fancy a change of look! 

For more information on Bauformat’s vibrant kitchen range and how to make bold tones work for your interior space please contact us today to arrange your free kitchen design meeting.  


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