BAUFORMAT takes responsibility and gives top priority to climate protection. The aim is not only to reduce CO2 emissions, but to more than fully compensate them. We demonstrably support the environment far beyond common standards, which is why BAUFORMAT is certified as a particularly climate-positive company. Our pieces of furniture also bear the most well-known German eco-label, the Blue Angel. We only use low-emission paints and wood-based materials from sustainable forestry. Most of our suppliers come from our region and operate according to comparable environmental standards as we do. Digitized processes to save paper and climate-friendly logistics with trucks that comply with the EURO 6 standard, hybrid vehicles and our own e-charging stations are the building blocks of our sustainability concept.

Blue Angel | Bauformat, Location

Blue Angel

Our furniture bears the Blue Angel certification. This recognises that our wood-based materials are sourced from sustainable forests and  processed with low emissions reducing their environmental impact whilst also making them harmless to health. 

Siegel Klimapositives Unternehmen 2022 | Bauformat, Location

Climate-Positive Company 

Together with the Focus Future GmbH & Co. KG, the baumann-group has determined its CO2 footprint. The year 2020 served as the basis for the calculation. The total CO2 footprint of our two locations is 9,200 tons. By purchasing 40,000 certificates (1 certificate corresponds to 1 ton of CO²) to support 5 projects for the years 2020, 2021 and 2022, the baumann-group has more than fully compensated for the CO2 footprint.

Bauformat Klimaneutral Klimapakt 2022 | Bauformat, Location

Climate-Neutral Company

The management and the entire team aim to preserve an intact environment for future generations. That is why we make a reliable contribution to climate protection.

Pefc | Bauformat, Location


Our group of companies is PEFC-certified. This guarantees that the raw materials for our kitchen and bathroom furniture come exclusively from sustainably managed forests. 

Recycling Kontor | Bauformat, Location


Our packaging is fed into the cycle of the dual system by the recycling office and the materials are responsibly recycled.

Stiftung Allianz Feuk Logo De | Bauformat, Location


Together we promote the implementation of Agenda 2030, the global sustainability agenda, and the achievement of the goals of the Paris Agreement – in this way we contribute to development and climate protection at the same time!