Bauformat Small Kitchens

Bauformat is an expert in designing small and compact kitchen spaces. As a manufacturer, we are constantly challenged to create innovative, functional and attractive kitchens that fit into the limited spaces of many homes. We know that our clients want to maximize the use of their kitchens and enjoy them, and for this, our design partners need the freedom to create fully tailored, personal designs. With a choice of kitchen colour, storage options, and accessories specifically designed for small kitchens, Bauformat is well placed to bring style and character to even the smallest of kitchen spaces, making us the perfect choice for styling your home.  


Choosing the Best Colours for Small Kitchen Spaces

Because they make smaller rooms appear larger and brighter, lighter toned doors and finishes are best suited for small kitchens. To meet this need, Bauformat have a wide range of light kitchen colours, including subtle shades like cashmere, pale grey, and several shades of white. These are available across Bauformat’s full range, including gloss, matt, wood, ceramic and stone kitchen doors. 

Light toned matt kitchen doors are available in many shades and a choice of finishes, creating beautifully elegant kitchen schemes.  Alternatively, textured kitchen doors bring a new dynamic and fresh feel, adding a true sense of luxury, character, and of course ‘space’ to any small kitchen design. 

Gloss Kitchen Doors for Small Kitchen Spaces

Whilst most surfaces reflect light when it hits them, the quality of this reflection will depend on the surface’s colour, texture and composition. The less opaque a surface is, and the lighter the colour tone, the more light it can reflect back. This is why gloss kitchen doors in a light colour tone are the obvious choice for enhancing the feeling of light and space within any small kitchen design- because gloss doors reflect the most amount of surface light.

At Bauformat we have a range of gloss kitchen finishes to choose from ranging from gloss laminate kitchen doors to high gloss UV lacquers, each of which reflects different amounts of light depending on their individual manufacturing process. But ultimately, whilst there are no hard and fast rules, a shiny white gloss kitchen door is the best choice to enhance the sense of space in any small kitchen design.

Small Kitchen Colours

Of course, whilst a white gloss kitchen will have maximium impact you are not limited in colour choice depending on the size of your kitchen.  There are plenty of other factors at play, including the size of your kitchen, how much natural light your kitchen receives and how you choose to style it.  For example, dark kitchen tones will work for any size of kitchen but if in doubt you can balance them with a light tone décor, or light-toned wall units which will draw the eye and prevent the kitchen look feeling enclosed. 

Handleless kitchen doors are another great design solution for small kitchen spaces, helping free up every spare bit of space and stopping you from snagging your clothing on kitchen door handles every time you pass by. 

Space Maximising Solutions by Bauformat

Blum GmbH, a leading manufacturer of kitchen storage technology, found that kitchen space could be increased by 55% by integrating suitable storage solutions. For example, Bauformat’s tall pull-out drawers are designed to slide out on specially engineered, damp supports. They then pivot outwards through ninety degrees for easy access and storage. Similarly, Le Mans Corner units have trays that glide easily around corners and extend outwards. This greatly increases the space available in deep cabinets and particularly for otherwise unused corner space. Further, carousels and base units can contain tables that fold out and upward to create extra workspace. This is especially useful for appliances like blenders and bread-makers. This technology makes small kitchens more usable and keeps worktops clean and clutter-free.


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