Bauformat Matt Kitchens

Matt kitchen doors provide a smooth texture for kitchen surfaces and units, without the shine or deep reflections of high gloss kitchen finishes. Matt kitchen finishes create statement, elegant kitchen designs that give off a sense of luxury and refinement. They also typically produce a timeless and lasting kitchen look. At Bauformat our range of high-quality matt kitchen doors are easy to maintain, durable, and they are available in a very wide choice of colours and styles. 

UV silky Matt Lacquered Kitchens

The lacquered surface of UV matt lacquered kitchen doors is very hard and durable. This can be a decisive advantage in households with children and in kitchens that are used multiple times throughout every day of the year. The resilience of the UV matt lacquer kitchen door fronts is the result of a very careful manufacturing process: The front of a quality MDF panel is coated several times with UV paint and hardened in seconds after each painting process with a special, high-energy UV light. This radiation curing achieves particularly hard, easy-to-clean surfaces. Conclusion: UV lacquered fronts offer a surprising number of advantages in the entry-level price range.

Aesthetic Appeal Of UV Lacquered Matt Kitchens:

Whether matt or semi-matt, UV lacquered kitchen door fronts impress with their aesthetic versatility. With a matt kitchen, anything goes! …And to help you achieve the look you want, we have an appealing selection of UV-coated door fronts in classic and on-trend colours. The all-around protective edging can also be selected to match the colour of the door, or else in a contrasting accent colour.

Available in the following construction format programs:  Berlin

Painted Matt Lacquer Kitchens

At Bauformat our lacquered kitchen door surfaces roughly correspond to those of car paints in terms of surface hardness and scratch resistance. In the course of the complex work process, the carrier material is coated with a special component paint and then sanded and polished depending on the desired surface structure. One of very few kitchen furniture manufacturers, we also seal our lacquered fronts with lacquer on the back, which makes them even more durable and hard-wearing. This, along with their easy-to-clean door fronts and elegant look justify the higher acquisition costs.

Aesthetic Appeal of Painted Matt Lacquer Kitchens

In an understated finish, our painted real matt lacquer kitchen doors captivate with expressiveness, appealing material aesthetics, and a large variety of colours. Visually high-quality, they work for any interior space to create a feeling of style and luxury.

In an understated finish, our painted real matt lacquer kitchen doors captivate with expressiveness, appealing material aesthetics, and a large variety of 15 colours. Visually high-quality, they work for any interior space to create an enviable feeling of style and luxury.

Available in the following construction format programs: Porto, Porto S, Rhodes, Rhodes S, Torino, Torino S, Girona, Girona S, Saint-Tropez, Saint-Tropez S, Seville, Seville S, Medina

Robust Matt Laminate Kitchens

At first glance, our matt laminate kitchen door front resembles the melamine matt kitchen door option, and any layman will struggle in telling the difference. However, compared to the directly coated melamine door front, the surface of the matt laminate kitchen front has a multi-layer structure. This has several advantages: Laminate is harder and extremely durable. That is why it is also often used for heavily used worktops. Laminate fronts are very hygienic, easy to care for, resistant to moisture and can withstand heavy duty use on a daily basis for many years.

Aesthetic Appeal of Matt Laminate Kitchens

Matt laminate kitchen door fronts offer a wide range of colours, styles, and profile options. This finish is perfect for anyone who wants a seamless look or prefers rounded edges, and even more, its versatility opens up many unique and creative design possibilities.

Available in the following building format programs: Stockholm, Singapore

Matt Glass Laminate Kitchens

Our matt glass laminate kitchen door fronts look similar to real glass, with a 45° chamfered and seamless edge producing an extravagant depth effect for this luxurious satin finish. In terms of stability and functionality, the innovative, smart material is one step ahead: It is ten times more break-resistant and 50 percent lighter than real glass. And whilst elegant in look, the matt glass kitchen surfaces impress with an antibacterial coating and high scratch resistance, making it entirely suitable to withstand the pressures of everyday kitchen use. Finally, Bauformat’s innovative anti-fingerprint coating is effective in maintain your kitchen’s look whilst also saving time when cleaning. 

Aesthetic Appeal of Matt Glass Laminate Kitchens

Glass optics have long been established in contemporary interior design because of their elegant appearance and convincing properties, radiating a special kind of charm. With linear LED strips for handleless kitchen designs we can achieve a sophisticated interplay with light, whilst the soft, velvety feel of this door front hold its own tangible appeal. With all its advantages, including anti-fingerprint surface, the glass laminate kitchen door front presents itself as an elegant, winning alternative to real glass kitchen door fronts.

Bauformat’s matt glass laminate kitchen doors are available in the following building format programs: Glasgow

Melamine Matt Kitchens

The melamine matt kitchen door fronts by Bauformat offer a scratch-resistant, and extremely hard-wearing surface, making it an ideal choice for family kitchens which undergo heavy and frequent use. Easy to care for, melamine matt kitchen doors are scratch resistant, non-porous, and they don’t tend to show up marks and fingerprints. Even after years of exposure to the sun, the melamine matt door fronts retain their luminosity. Extremely versatile, you will find a wide selection of high-quality melamine matt kitchen doors by Bauformat starting from our entry-level price range which represents excellent value for money.  

The melamine kitchen door front is available in an exceptionally large number of colours and style variations.

Available in the following construction format programs: Baku, Bali, Brest, Siena, Chicago, London.


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