Bauformat Kitchen Storage Solutions 

At Bauformat we know that for most people, the kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you cook meals, eat breakfast and dinner, and entertain guests. That’s why it’s so important to have kitchen storage solutions that will help make the most of your space and keep everything in the best possible place for use. Storage solutions are also important for keeping your kitchen looking clean and uncluttered. From cabinets to pantries to pull outs, to islands, it’s essential to choose exactly the right kitchen storage solutions for all your cooking and lifestyle needs. Here is a selection of the flexible, functional storage solutions that Bauformat can offer: 

Le Mans Kitchen Corner Units

Bauformat are known for their innovative, modern kitchen designs and this is especially true of their storage solutions, creating storage space where you least expect it. In the modern kitchen, hidden space is not wasted but fitted with creative cabinet solutions. The first of these is the genius LeMans kitchen corner base unit.  With its flexible swivelling pull-out trays the LeMans is ideal for making optimal use of kitchen corner space which is often hard to reach and wasted. Instead, the LeMans brings all your cabinetry contents right to you, making everything easy to find and accessible.

The Space Corner Unit

The corner base cabinet solution Space Corner is another innovative solution which allows you to maximise kitchen corner space to stow provisions ergonomically. Colour-coordinated interior compartments ensure order, whilst delivering a seamless and coordinated kitchen look. 

The Space Corner is available in the following widths: 90 x 90 cm* 100 x 100 cm 105 x 105 cm* (*with optional cutlery tray) 

SpaceFlexx Storage

Well thought-out down to the last detail, Bauformat offer features such as mobile plate modules, storage boxes and interior pull-outs that stow away cookware behind elegant cabinet fronts.

SpaceFlexx tidies up the pull-out: This is the new way of storing storage boxes of different sizes and shapes in a space-saving and clear manner. Keeping things organized has never been so easy.

Pull Out Kitchen Storage

More storage space, more comfort, more order: Our tall cabinets can be expanded as required, are versatile – and adapt perfectly to your wishes. Bauformat offer numerous larder pullouts in a wide range of shapes and sizes, including kitchen bin systems with organises recycling compartments- everything you need for easy and enjoyable kitchen use.

Our extensive choice of options includes statement design features such as stainless-steel coloured pull-outs with smoked glass inserts and pull-out shelves for kitchen utensils – perfect for catching the eye and impressing friends and family alike!

Smartframe Railing System

The clever Smartframe railing system in black or stainless steel fits in niches or fixed onto free walls as a standalone statement. It is perfect for storing dishes or drawing attention to your favourite decorative pieces, bringing a sense of ‘YOU’ into your kitchen!