Bauformat kitchen Lighting Solutions

Kitchen lighting is an essential design element in interior design, and especially for kitchen design. It widens spaces, structures and models, emphasises contours, and truly sets the scene for an inviting, livable kitchen space. Lighting is key for illuminating important functional areas in the kitchen workplace, such as the worksurface where we prepare food. Known as focused ‘Task lighting’, this form of lighting is essential for safety across daily use of the kitchen. 

A Kitchen Lighting Mood Booster

Equally important is to look at the immediate effect light has on us. It has been scientifically proven how much our well-being and our mood are influenced by the light conditions that surround us. So for the kitchen known as the heart of the home, ensuring suitable lighting is particularly key. 

Especially with the increasingly popular open floor plans and the blurred boundaries between different living areas, a pleasant atmosphere can be created in your own four walls with tailor-made LED lighting concepts tailored to individual wishes. The light intensity and colour temperature also play a decisive role. 

LED Kitchen Lighting at Bauformat

Our modern LED kitchen lighting systems offer you the option of dimming the brightness and adjusting the colour temperature to the respective use and situation: from atmospheric and pleasant (warm white, 2,700-3,300 Kelvin) to neutral (3,300-5,300 Kelvin) to daylight illumination (cold white, over 5,300 Kelvin). An LED colour change is almost magical – this option can create real wow effects in new lifestyle kitchens.

Plan your Kitchen Lighting Solutions Early

We recommend including the lighting concept in your kitchen planning right from the start and your expert kitchen designer will be happy to advise you on this. A well thought-out lighting design can be cleverly used in interior design. For example, you can use lighting to emphasise areas where you want to draw attention; and smaller kitchens also benefit significantly from a personalised lighting concept designed to make them appear more spacious, bright and inviting.

Personalised kitchen Lighting Solutions

When planning your new kitchen design, it is strongly advisable to talk to an expert who can advise on the sophisticated technical lighting possibilities which are available to you. On request, modular plug & play lighting systems can be planned, which can be seamlessly integrated into a smart home network. Based on a converter with slots for LED lights, very different lighting ideas can take shape depending on the function modules and control units available…


…Control units such as a door contact switch, a motion detector, a radio remote control or an app on the smartphone can be provided. The app then sends the desired switching signal from the smartphone to all wirelessly connected converters for the desired play of light to take place, such as a change in colour or dimming of the lights. And controlling by voice control? That’s no problem either! …A smart speaker like Amazon Echo or Google Home brings Alexa, Siri & Co into action. One command is enough – and with the help of your personal language assistant, your kitchen will shine in the light and effect you have chosen to surround yourself in!

Set the Scene 

Dimmable and infinitely adjustable, Bauformat’s lighting systems create a feel-good atmosphere in no time at all! This might be with our Lightbridge system, which provides light and protects against splashes. In terms of design, this corresponds with the black fitting and the handles in the style of industrial design. Alternatively, our Malindi recessed LED light is vertically integrated into the side of the kitchen cabinet (without visible cable), or else our UP & DOWN LED strip option emits its light downwards and upwards. Whichever solution you choose your kitchen lighting is designed personally for you to accentuate your home and your personal sense of style.  


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