Bauformat Kitchen Construction Materials 

The kitchen cabinet body, also known as a kitchen carcass, forms the framework of your fitted kitchen.  Selected kitchen door fronts are directly attached to this carcass, or else indirectly attached via drawers and internal pull-out options. At Bauformat, we know that the kitchen cabinet body serves as an essential component for the function of any kitchen and must be made from high quality materials and manufacture processes to ensure strength and longevity throughout everyday life and use.

Bauformat Kitchen Carcass Colour Options:- 

In addition to the important functional properties of the kitchen cabinetry, it should also fit with the desired aesthetic of your kitchen, enhancing the appearance of your chosen kitchen style. Bringing you choice and flexibility, Bauformat offer kitchen carcasses in a variety of design options. This includes:-

  • Several kitchen carcass colour choices, where the internal kitchen cabinetry is in Silk, Arctic, Carbon, Sand Beige or Moonlight Grey, whilst the door fronts can be in any style, colour and finish of your choosing from our extensive ranges.  
  • Several designer kitchen carcass colour choices where the kitchen cabinetry is engineered in the same colour inside and out for a seamless kitchen finish.
  • Alternatively for a surcharge, the interior carcass colour can be manufactured in a bespoke colour choice.

Kitchen Side Panel Colours

Kitchen sides are the visible panels that are fitted at the end of a run of kitchen cabinetry.  To integrate seamlessly with your kitchen design Bauformat offer these in a choice of 70 different finishes.  This applies to almost all our kitchen door fronts, including gloss, matt and wood kitchen finishes. 

Kitchen Cabinet Construction

At Bauformat we deliberately opted for a carcass construction with 16 mm layered, quality chipboard for the side, top and bottom panels, because this creates that little bit more space in the carcass body for the installation of devices and accessories.  At the same time, the 16 mm chipboard has more than sufficient tensile and compressive strength to securely fasten all fittings and maintain the life of the kitchen. We give a 5-year guarantee on Bauformat kitchens.

Bauformat’s Kitchen Panel Thicknesses

In line with our ‘good, better, best’ approach, at Bauformat we offer a choice of three kitchen panel thicknesses to choose from in 16, 25, or 40mm. This range is available in matt or gloss laminate, high gloss lacquers, as well as all kitchen worktop decors. In addition, we also offer the 25 mm side panels to match our stunning TreeTime kitchen range. Selected decors are also available with a side panel thickness of 8mm. 

Kitchen Backboards

A kitchen backboard panel engineered from 8 mm chipboard is optional for almost all cabinets instead of the usual 3 mm rear panel employed by most other German kitchen manufacturers. This offers additional strength and durability for particularly demanding applications.

Exterior Kitchen Cabinetry Fittings

All wall cabinets up to 91 cm high are attached to the wall with two fittings mounted behind the rear wall and are therefore “invisible” after assembly. These are locked on a suspension rail and offer 100% protection against unintentional detachment from the attachment. These hangers offer precise 3D adjustability and a maximum load capacity of up to 55 kg per hanger.

Wall cabinets with a height of 123.5 cm are equipped with heavy-duty suspensions and offer additional reserves. 

All base, side and equipment cabinets stand on plinth glides, which ensure a secure footing with the base foot that matches the selected plinth height. In addition, in the event of a water leak, the cabinets stand on the plinth feet safely from the water on the then wet floor.

Kitchen Shelves:- 

  • All construction and shelving are made of coated 19 mm three-layer quality chipboard. 
  • Glass shelves Glass shelves are made of 8 mm safety glass and thus offer optimum load-bearing capacity and resistance to warping. 

For further information on Bauformat’s kitchen materials and construction processes please contact us today.


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