Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Experts in Ilford 

Dezign Studio is the quintessential one-stop shop for all your kitchen and bathroom needs, including your perfect choice of tiles and underfloor heating, which we can provide on a supply-only basis, or else we offer a complete installation service. To help bring your space to life with aesthetic and functional appeal, we offer a diverse choice of luxury tiles from well-known brands including Capietra, Villeroy & Boch, Grespania, Rak, and Minoli, available to see on display in our inspiring kitchen and bathroom showroom in Ilford.  

Ca’Pietra Tiles

Ca’Pietra tiles represent a continually evolving collection, curated by industry-leading experts. Their specialists tirelessly scour the globe in search of premium sources of natural stone and meticulously crafted tiles, always with a keen eye for the latest, cutting-edge designs. This ensures you can enjoy the very best in your home. In addition, Ca’Pietra is fervently committed to sustainability, striving tirelessly to enhance the eco-friendliness of their collections. They work closely with their suppliers to incorporate more recycled materials into their tile offerings, and each season, they conscientiously seek to unveil new stone and tile options imbued with recycled content, aligning their beautiful product line with a future-focused, green ethos.

Villeroy & Boch

Villeroy & Boch, a distinguished and well-established manufacturer of sinks, taps, and tiles, has been at the forefront of the industry for centuries. As a brand steeped in tradition, they continually offer an exquisite array of products, ensuring both form and function are never compromised. Their diverse range includes sophisticated and stylish ceramic tiles designed to complement any kitchen or bathroom interior. At Dezign Studio, our discerning Ilford customers who choose Villeroy & Boch benefit from the brand’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship but also enjoy the enduring elegance and timeless appeal that accompany their products. By selecting Villeroy & Boch, you are sure to make a statement of refined taste and unwavering confidence in a brand that consistently delivers excellence.

Grespania Tiles

Grespania is a Spanish manufacturing company and one of the most recognisable names in the interiors industry; they are predominately known for their diverse range of luxury kitchen and bathroom tiles. Grespania’s focus on design and cutting-edge innovation allows them to produce a wide variety of styles, colours, and materials, which includes porcelain, ceramic, and glass tiles. Their tiles are widely regarded for their high quality and durability, and this makes them a popular choice for customers who are looking for stylish, versatile and lasting products for their home.

RAK Ceramics

RAK kitchen and bathroom tiles seamlessly blend elegance with durability, infusing any interior with a touch of sophistication and enduring charm. Born out of the desire to marry form with function, these tiles encapsulate the very best of British design sensibilities. Whether adorning a contemporary kitchen backsplash or offering a plush finish to a bathroom sanctuary, RAK tiles are more than just surface dressings – they’re statements of style, testaments to taste, and a high-quality, long-lasting choice for your home.


Nestled in the heart of the design world, Minoli tiles gracefully bridge the gap between tradition and modernity, imbuing any space with an air of timeless elegance. Each piece curated by Minoli is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and an eye for detail. Whether embellishing a kitchen’s backsplash or transforming a bathroom into a sanctuary, Minoli tiles blend seamlessly with varied aesthetics, promising superior quality but also a touch of luxury that resonates with every tile’s texture and hue. It’s not merely about covering surfaces; it’s about elevating everyday spaces into artistic expressions.

Microcement & Tadelakt Finishes 

If you are looking for the perfect kitchen or bathroom finish for walls and doors, then talk to our specialist team about Microcement and Tadelakt. At Dezign Studio, our showroom is adorned with numerous examples showcasing the stunning capabilities of these distinctive materials. Suitable for both wet areas and flooring, they come in an extensive array of shades, ready to match any design vision or need. With a contemporary flair, both applications can utterly revolutionise your bathroom space, adding a touch of elegance and character. 

What is Microcement?

Microcement provides a cement-based plaster coating, producing a near-concrete, seamless appearance with a chic, minimalist look. Finish options vary from high shine to satin or matte, with a spectrum of textures from pronounced grain to a gentle cloudy appearance. Microcement’s versatility is evident in its vast colour choices, whilst its waterproof, durable and low-maintenance nature is guaranteed by a rigorous three-step sealing process. Perfect for decorative walls, flooring, bathrooms, wet areas, and work surfaces, Microcement can even be moulded into custom furniture.

What is Tadelakt?

Tadelakt, hailing originally from Morocco, is a waterproof plaster giving an almost velvety, stonelike seamless finish. Its finishing options are diverse, from gleaming to satin or matte, with texture choices ranging from granular to a muted cloud-like feel. 

Preserved with a meticulous three-stage sealing, Tadelakt promises complete waterproofing. For cleaning, use lukewarm soapy water, steering clear of potent acidic solutions or bleach. It boasts a boundless colour range and can be matched to various paint hues which makes it an ideal choice for feature walls, bathrooms, wet spaces, worktops, and more. 


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