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Specialist Ilford Kitchen and Bathroom Design

If you’re looking for expert Ilford kitchen designers, talk to our friendly Dezign Studio team. We specialise in designing and installing high-quality Bauformat kitchens and luxury bathrooms throughout Ilford and the wider Redbridge area, as well as London and Essex. Our stunning kitchen and bathrooms focus on you, ensuring a timeless design that is built around what you want and need for your home.  At Dezign Studio, we can provide kitchen appliances, worktops, sinks, taps, and accessories, all carefully selected to deliver optimal functionality for your home, within an aesthetic that meets your personal taste. Similarly, we can provide bathroom furniture, taps, tiles and flooring giving you the look you want with the exact layout and functionality you need.

A Flexible Approach to Bathroom and Kitchen Design

At Dezign Studio, we are members of SBID (Society of British Interior Design), and we have a strong background in Interiors, which means there is simply no limits to our creativity! Our Ilford kitchen and bathroom design experts are happy to work from architectural plans, collaborate with interior designers, or if you have found something you like on Pinterest or Instagram but don’t know how to bring it to life, then all we need is a photo and from here, we can make it work! Alternatively, if you don’t yet know what you want, we can work with you from scratch to come up with fresh ideas and an entirely new design concept built around you.

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Personalised Ilford Kitchen & Bathroom Designs

During our first meeting, our expert Ilford kitchen designers and bathroom experts will ask exactly the right questions to understand your lifestyle and what you want and need for your new kitchen or bathroom. This typically begins with asking what you dislike most about your existing space, and secondly what are you most looking forward to in your new kitchen or bathroom? For the first question, answers are often centred around a lack of storage space, the quality of an existing kitchen or bathroom, or it might be a colour you don’t like, but in all scenarios, it’s a good foundation on which we can start building a picture of what you hope to achieve.   

From here, we can start to put forward ideas, and offer advice on how to make these ideas a reality. We know that planning a new kitchen or bathroom can be daunting but with our hands-on yet friendly approach, we will help you select the ideal furniture, appliances and accessories that blend harmoniously with your home’s style, functionality, and individual requirements. 

Fully Tailored Bathroom & Kitchen Designs in Ilford

Where we also stand out from other bathroom and kitchen designers in Ilford is in the quality and diversity of our product ranges.  For example, whilst other brands also make great German kitchens, Bauformat is exceptional in the diversity of its range. Whether you prefer matt, handleless, a Scandi theme, through to stone finishes, or wood veneers, Bauformat deliver. They have an expansive range of standard cabinetry sizes, yet in the event you need a non-standard size for an awkward space, they can also manufacture special units to order. With so much choice, Bauformat allows our team of Ilford kitchen designers to cater for every taste and requirement, whilst our expertise means we know how to make your kitchen truly unique and special.

Similarly for bathrooms, we have a hand-picked range of trusted bathroom brands which our designers can advise on, and which give our designers the flexibility to give you everything you want and need for your new bathroom interior.

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Establishing Your Project Budget

Budget is a crucial element in every kitchen and bathroom design and it’s essential we ensure the design we propose is financially feasible for you. Even if you only have a provisional figure for us to work with at the start, providing us with this information means we can work in line with how much you think you want to spend. In this respect, we have a diverse choice of suppliers and products we can include within your Ilford bathroom or kitchen design to ensure the look and functionality you want but within the budget you specify.  

Presenting Your New Bathroom or Kitchen Design

If you don’t have architect plans for your project then following our first design meeting, we will arrange a home visit so we can measure up to ensure the design we come up with will fit your intended space! We will then invite you back to our Ilford bathroom and kitchen showroom so we can present and discuss the design concept we have come up with for you. During this time, we can explore any alternative colours, styles and finishes in the showroom, and we can make any changes you would like. At this stage, if you are happy with the design, we will then put together a detailed quote for you.

To find out more or to book your professional kitchen or bathroom design appointment with Dezign Studio in Ilford please contact us today.   

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