Bauformat Gloss Kitchens 

Gloss kitchen doors have long since proved a popular kitchen choice, appealing for their luxurious, sleek and modern appearance. Their lustrous shine creates a warm, inviting feel for any kitchen, helping establish it as the perfect setting for hosting friends and family. A gloss kitchen door made from high-quality materials will also reflect light to create a brighter kitchen, and this is frequently a crucial aspect of kitchen planning, especially for small kitchen spaces.

Personalise your Gloss Kitchen Look

Fresh and modern, the Bauformat range of gloss kitchen doors include a choice of beautiful colours, in a different gloss kitchen materials to suit your taste as well as your budget. And of course, all Bauformat’s finishes are interchangeable, allowing you to successfully blend colours from within the same gloss range, or else you can mix your gloss doors with contrasting materials like wood or matt lacquer.   his versatility is important, ensuring you can achieve a gloss kitchen look that is both unique and personal to you.

UV Gloss Lacquer Kitchens

The UV gloss lacquered kitchen door’s surface is extremely durable, designed to withstand everyday use.  During a finely honed manufacturing process, the MDF panel’s surface is repeatedly coated with layers of UV paint and hardened with a high-energy UV lamp. Known as radiation curing, this achieves a hard, smooth and easy-to-clean gloss surface. Available in a choice of 8 gloss kitchen colours including White Silk, Moonlight Grey, Greige and Black, Bauformat’s entry-level UV gloss lacquered kitchen doors represent excellent value for money.  

Available in the following construction format programs: Pamplona

Gloss Lacquer Kitchens

Our luxurious range of gloss lacquer kitchens exudes a smooth yet scratch-resistant surface finish, not dissimilar to the hardened surface of a car paint lacquer. During the process of manufacture, the carrier material is coated with a special component paint before undergoing a repeated spray lacquer coating which builds the intensive level of shine across the surface of the doors.

Bauformat is also one of the very few German manufacturers who seal lacquer doors across the back as well as the front. Along with their elegant appearance and easy-to-clean door fronts, it is the sophisticated manufacturing process gloss lacquer kitchen doors undergo that results in a higher purchase price compared with other kitchen doors.  

Bauformat’s gloss lacquer kitchen range is available in 8 beautiful high gloss kitchen colours: Arctic, White, Carbon Wood, Sand Beige, Silk, Moonlight Grey, Quartz Grey and Greige. 

Available in the following construction format programs: Rhodos