Bauformat Dark Kitchens 

The dark kitchen trend has grown in popularity over the past few years, and today is one of the most sought-after kitchen styles for modern homes.  With many kitchen designs built on the use of black kitchen furniture tones, or moody shades of blue or grey, the end-result is a kitchen aesthetic rich in style and elegance- and often with a hint of drama too! Dark kitchen tones can be paired with many other colours and materials which allows for creative kitchen designs that are as unique as they are interesting. Celebrating the beauty of dark kitchen doors, Bauformat offer kitchen doors in a wide choice of dark tones and finishes… 

Dark Matt Kitchen Doors

In recent years, muted dark tones have been gaining popularity as homeowners embrace the darker side of cooking and become more confident in their choices. Dark kitchen furniture can also add depth and create a more intimate kitchen feel compared with lighter kitchen tones. For an ultra-sophisticated look, minimalist matt doors like Bauformat’s black UV lacquered matt or painted matt lacquers don’t need any embellishments. These are available in rich dark colours including black, navy blue and many shades of grey.  These beautiful doors are also available in both handleless and handled kitchen doors, including the popular shaker kitchen style. 

Textured Dark Kitchen Doors

Whilst dark matt kitchen doors make a standalone statement, there is also a lot to be said for including richly textured finishes within your chosen kitchen scheme. Richly textured surfaces can add depth and character to dark settings. It is possible to pair dark tones with natural elements like wood, stone and ceramic kitchen doors, and Bauformat offers a choice of luxury finishes in each.  This includes stunning real stone kitchen veneers, as well as more cost-effective stone-look kitchen doors, which perfectly recreate the appearance of real stone. 

Dark Gloss Kitchen Doors

Whilst gloss kitchen doors appeal for their lustrous shine, they are less widely available in darker kitchen tones as many lower grade materials can produce an undesirable ‘orange peel’ ripple effect across the surface of the kitchen door. Yet, the quality of Bauformat’s kitchen doors is such that this isn’t a problem, producing beautiful dark kitchen doors for your home; and whether in moody grey or deep navy blue, Bauformat’s dark gloss kitchen doors will add a sense of depth and luxury to your décor…and without a ripple in sight! 

Layering dark kitchen finishes

Layering contrasting materials and colours is also an effective means of adding character and depth. A gentle contrast of texture can be enough to break up an all-black kitchen’s monotony, whilst a bolder colour contrast such as black with white, or pale wood, can help balance the overall look and prevent your kitchen from appearing too dark. Warm wood accents may also bring a sense of warmth. 

Create a Personalised Dark Kitchen Statement

The colour of your kitchen cabinets should reflect the look and ambience you wish to create for your home, and dark kitchen furniture is popular for a bold and eye-catching statement. You can create an industrial kitchen design, a textured, rough-cut wood kitchen, or a glamorous black kitchen with accents of opulent gold or marble! For smaller kitchens, dark colour tones will still work but it is important to plan an effective lighting system, or else balance your dark kitchen furniture with a lighter-toned décor and wall units. 

Talk to a dark kitchen design expert

Whether you prefer dark kitchen finishes in ceramic, stone, wood, gloss, or matt, Bauformat has an excellent choice available for creating stunning dark kitchen designs. Talk to your nearest Bauformat supplier, Dezign Studio today for more information on Bauformat’s doors, and to discuss how to make dark kitchen colours work for you and your home.  


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